What is a catastrophic event plan? After a major catastrophic event, you need a catastrophe response plan to get your disaster recovery efforts underway fast to mitigate further damage, business interruptions or other logistical hurdles. We assist you in evaluating the impact so you can have an accurate picture and can make an informed plan moving forward. Our experts help in all phases of disaster recovery starting with a forensic investigation to identify the root cause of damage or loss. With each of our investigations and analyses, we partner with you to develop catastrophic disaster planning and response that will help get you back to business as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Practical + Expert Guidance

We help you get back to normal after a catastrophic event. We start with assessing the impact including business interruption, structural damage, equipment damage and determining whether that damage was pre-existing or caused by the catastrophic event. We then collect data, document physical evidence and coordinate repair and remediation work through all phases of disaster recovery.

Structural Damage Assessments

Our team helps you determine whether it is safe to use a structure after a significant event and how to repair relevant damage. We assess the extent of damage and assist with future seismic mitigation to bring structures and equipment up to code and help limit future issues. We also determine feasibility, scope, estimated cost of repairs and monitor construction progress.

Wind + Flood Damage Determination

Both wind and flood are extremely destructive forces and have different impacts on a building, equipment and components. We help you determine the impact and provide you important information to facilitate the path to repair and recovery.

New or Pre-existing Storm Damage

Understanding whether reported damage on any structure or piece of equipment is pre-existing or is a result of a natural disaster requires a consistent approach and experience in a broad range of areas. We can review available evidence and determine the timeline and root cause of issues.