Commissioning Buildings for Fire + Life Safety: Ensuring quality systems

A building's fire and life safety system is only as good as it's installed. From design, inspection, testing, and maintenance, we work with you to ensure your systems are operating efficiently throughout their life cycle. Without the right commissioning it is challenging to ensure that your fire and life safety systems will meet code minimum, performance-based design, and end-user requirements. Our systematic fire system commissioning and integrated testing approach for life and safety systems helps you document, verify, and sustain performance of the facility assets that are critical to your business.

Fire Alarm Commissioning

Fire alarm system commissioning is much more than simply testing the system and placing it into service at the end of a construction project. We keep your fire alarm system at optimum operating performance with a process that extends from design through installation, testing, and project closeout.

Smoke Control Commissioning

Smoke control systems are complex and can be interdependent on many other building systems. We perform a wide variety of testing, including smoke barrier inspection/leakage testing, sequence of operations tests, pressure differentials and door opening forces. We also perform both cold and hot smoke tests for atrium and other large volume spaces for those jurisdictions that require smoke test.

Fire Suppression System Commissioning

Fire suppression systems are fundamental for making building interiors safe. We have extensive experience in providing detailed plans that include specific system and sub-system tests and inspections with associated pass/fail criteria. We review shop drawings and provide review/acceptance of operations and maintenance (O&M) manuals. We can also provide training support and resolve warranty issues.

Integrated Testing

Overall fire protection for a building is a holistic approach to reach the goal of life safety. Integrated testing provides verification, documentation, and functional end-to-end testing to confirm that the various active & passive fire and life safety systems work in concert together to protect people and property.